Hello everyone, I am a student of online learning. Am about to finish my undergraduate program. I always thought learning online was mission impossible, I never imagined myself that one day I will be in one of these classes. I am glad I did take the risk, despite the many questions from my parents and friends.

Having said that, Whats the future of online learning? Is online learning the future of education? Please be with me as I give my thoughts below on the future of online learning. But before I do that, this is my first blog on the topic “matters education”. On the next blog, “What happens to teachers next?” Sure you do not want to miss that.

I see a brighter future for online learners. In 2060 or 2065 Students all over the world will have access to any course of their choice in any language they want. How interesting will that be?

Well, good news for the employers. The question being asked now is if our universities equip learners with the right skills needed to be effective employees. And a greater percentage of employees disagree. Online learning will close the skills gap and organizations such as Knod have a good record on these.

Here is the most important part for those planning to join online learning. Many complain that online classes are boring since you do not meet with other students, now, here is the good news, online learning will provide students with campus experience , through tutoring support, Knod foundation is already doing it.

I couldn’t wait to mention this point. Coaches understand that each student has unique talent, needs and goals. This enable the coaches to give their best in supporting students to succeed and thus be effective employees.

The fascinating things about online learning are endless, I mean endless, Can you imagine how interesting it would be to chat with fellow student from Canada while you are in UK or Kenya and it’s real time!

Education will be more interesting with introduction of mlearning. Youths spend most of their times on smartphones. With introduction of learning apps, it makes education more interesting because you will be able to join classes where you are, no need to be worried anymore on missing the morning bus to school.

Gamification is certainly in the dictionary of most if not all of you guys. elearning will take the form of interactive video game diffferent to what we know, traditional lectures.

Finally, the introduction of wearable technologies such as Apple watch, Moto 360 and Oculus Rift will enable students to interact with the courses very well, this will definately be a game changer.

What do you think? feel free to share your thought, Nice time everybody. Looking forward to know your thought on this.






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