5 Ways to Eat Right and the Pants Won’t Be Tight

It’s a new year. The month of January is coming to an end. Am pretty sure one of your resolutions this year is to lose weight. One of the resolutions that will always be and is common to most people is to lose weight. Weight loss has many advantages including staying physically fit, boosting your confidence, and, avoiding many chronic diseases. Below are proven tricks you can use today to lose weight.

Do It Step -By- Step

Start doing easy exercises that you enjoy. You can start by swimming, biking, and running a few kilometers twice a week. Increase the exercises gradually. Also, do not cut-off the amount of food you used to take at once. Start using a smaller plate, and, with time your body will adjust. This will give you Persistent results.

Be Active

Being physically active helps you to burn calories. Take a walk around the park, take stairs instead of using a lift, Park your car at the furthest corner, so that you walk to your office, you can move around the office when explaining procedures to your colleagues.

Don’t Drink Too Much Alcohol

Alcohol like beer, for example, has digested carbs. This inhibits, fat burning. Consider drinking dry champagne, hard liquor e.g. Vodka, and, Red Wine. Unlike beer, they do not have carbohydrates. Too much alcohol leads to weight gain. Drink in moderation. 14 units per week are not bad.

Avoid Stress, and, Sleep More

When you have a lot of Stress, It increases stress hormone called cortisol, which in turn increases hunger causing you to eat more food, the result? You gain weight. Sleep well and wake up at your own comfort, do not let the alarm wake you up. Research has shown lack of sleep causes sugar cravings which are known to be a major factor to gaining weight. Consider going to bed early to get a good amount of time to sleep.

Eat Well

Eat food such as fruit and vegetables, Brown rice, Pasta, Oats, Beans, and, Lentils. This food has fiber which makes your stomach full. A full stomach will prevent you from eating snacks all the time which, most of them contain saturated fats, another cause of weight gain. Also, Eat real food. Avoid low-carb products by creative marketers in form supplements. They are only interested in your money. Real food includes butter, eggs, olive oils, Fish, and nuts.


There are two ways to lose weight. You can do it by following a diet plan, also known as dietary approaches, which is safe and recommended for everyone, or, you can do it by various exercises. Though combining both will achieve terrific results, it is advisable to consult with your doctor before doing some exercises such as circuit exercises. They might have implications to your body which is the last thing you want to happen to you.


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